CSS IntelliSense for imported node_module

Hello! In a React app I'm using Bootstrap for styling. It is imported to react components via imports.

The code is visible in Rider via an "attached existing folder" to a .NET-solution.

in style.scss-file:

@import "bootstrap";

then in index.tsx-file:

import './style.scss';

So it is never imported via

 <link rel="stylesheet" />

in HTML. Sometimes it is not imported in the exact component but somewhere else.

I wish to get IntelliSense/autocomplete for the Bootstrap-styles in HTML-files/TSX-files. There should be an "mb-1"-class appearing.

I tried setting up Libraries in Rider and restarting Rider but it also didn't work.

Anyone knows how to fix?

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I saw the issue you raised to our tracker. I have validated the WebStorm and Rider behavior in the case you described and was not able to reproduce the issues you encounter. Completion working fine in both Rider and Webstorm same as navigation to the components imported.

Would you mind checking this video and following the same steps? Please let me know if it does not work for you.

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Hello Dmitry Kazantsev!
Thanks a lot for helping out.
I followed your steps exactly, and no, it does not work.

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I have no non-bundled plugins activated.

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Would you mind sharing the sample project with me and let me know the Rider version you use (`Help | About`).
You can send the project via the Upload Service and let me know the Upload ID.


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