Code Analysis and Unit Tests are Unavailable

After a recent installation of Rider 2021.3.2, I am able to load and build my solution, but code analysis tools and unit tests are unavailable.

Under Setting > Editor > Inspection Settings, I have "Enable code analysis", and everything under the "Analysis heading checked.

I am able to run an inspection manually via Code > Inspect Code..., but I get no automatic highlighting or code inspection.

Furthermore, in the upper right corner of the editor window it says


Code analysis has been suspended

Analysis is suspended for the file. Code Analysis has been paused during caches load."

This message never goes away/analysis never resumes. I've tried clearing the cache via File > Invalid Caches... but that didn't resolve it.

In addition to this, the options to run unit tests under Tests are greyed out. Not sure if that's related or it's a separate issue.

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Hello, can you make sure analysis is enabled here:

If it is, it could mean that it was paused due to some issue. In this case, please collect the logs via Help | Collect Logs and send them with a new issue.

As for Unit tests, can you see any error? Are tests recognized at all? Can you share a screenshot?

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I already have an issue open here: So far it hasn't gotten any response. I believe you updated the status on it yourself.

Analysis is on at the location specified in your screenshot.

Regarding unit tests: They are not recognized at all. Unit testing options are completely greyed out. See the screenshot below.

For additional context: I am able to load the same solution in Rider on a different machine and code analysis and unit tests work fine.

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Andrew M Kline5 Civ, does it persist after building the project? Please enable Trace scenario for UnitTesting via Help | Diagnostic Tools | Choose Trace Scenarios, reproduce the issue, collect the logs after via Help | Collect Logs and attach the resulting bundle with another issue, we need to check what happen when we try to discover tests. Thank you in advance!


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