Cannot resolve symbol on MacOS Unity project

I am using MacOS Monterey 12.1, having "Cannot resolve symbol" issues on everything. I was never able to use a Jetbrains product out of the box, there is always a problem to be fixed to begin with. I cannot understand why this is the case, why I cannot just download and use an IDE without wasting 5 hours to fix my issues. Anyways, I am attaching the screenshot related to my problem. I would really appreciate if you can guide me to find a solution. 

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Hello, have you specified Rider as default editor in Unity? Can you make sure JB Rider Editor package was installed in Unity in Package Manager? Can you make sure it is up to date? Can you share a screenshot of the whole Rider window so that I could see if it was loaded properly and there is connection to Unity Editor? Thank you in advance!


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