Getting Started With Remote Development And Rider?

Can someone help me understand that state of things with remote development and Rider? I have a beefy development machine that's physically 1000 miles away and the latency of RDP is killing me. I'd like a responsive local IDE but have the work executed remotely.

I'd heard that Projector would do exactly that, but it seems like it has some shortcomings:

Projector has much higher network latency and is more difficult to configure

Gateway is the preferred tool for remote development and it's all over the Jetbrains homepage but, as far as I can tell...

  1. The remote machine needs to be running Linux and WSL(2) isn't supported (but maybe you can hack it with some tricks given on the support forums)
  2. Even if you have a remote system running Linux, Rider isn't listed in the drop down of supported IDEs.
  3. While it does let me select any .tar.gz, if I manually download Rider and specify it, I've never had it actually progress beyond the step. It just hangs on 'Checking directory'

(But Projector does say it supports WSL)

Is anyone doing development, remotely, using Rider? Can you tell me what is recommended/what is currently working. Is there an ETA on Gateway support for Rider.

Also - I still don't understand how Projector is different than just using X11 forwarding

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Remote development is not supported in Rider. But the work is in progress. You can follow this issue, which is covering both Code With Me and remote development support in Rider: RIDER-73077.




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