Can't Found Desktop Application Option !!


Hi, I am a computer science student and a linux user also. Nowadays My 4Th  sem has started  is our main subject.

so visual Studio ide is not for Linux then I found rider is the best alternative.

but when I created the project I can't find the option of a desktop application.

now what should i do , i don't want to shift back to windows

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Rider does not provide templates for Windows-specific technologies like WPF or WinForms on Linux or OS X. These templates are only available on Windows. For more details, please follow the thread

You can develop desktop apps on Linux using Avalonia.




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Ok but In My Collage/Syllabus  we have to design with drag and drop designer can I have that feature in Avalonia

also, is the backend syntax of coding is same as Winform ?? 


I know that Drag And Drop is not the best way for development but in my syllabus it is the only way so......

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Unfortunately, there is only preview available for Avalonia on Linux.


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