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Using Rresharper, if I want to see a description of any particular method overload, I can just click on it.

However, this does not work in Rider. Shortcut ctrl+p does not work in most cases either.

Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?



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Hello Inar,

Tooltip with a list of overloads is not clickable in Rider, regrettably. We have this related issue on our tracker. 

We are aware of the non-working hotkey Ctrl+P when the completion pop-up is shown. Here is an appropriate issue. Ctrl+P would work if you place the caret inside of brackets and press Ctrl+P (when no completion pop-up is shown).

We would appreciate it if you could upvote these issues to demonstrate additional interest.

Should you have any other questions or difficulties, please let me know.


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