Ryder Unreal - Abandoned effort?

The programming team at my studio has been paying attention to Ryder's efforts in making C++ IDE that works well with Unreal. Its made quite a bit of progress over the last few years. Not something we could use FT quite yet, but slowly getting there. 

TBH I would love a reason to drop visual studio. 

I got an email today saying that the project has been merged with something called 'EAP'. The email describing the merge was very unceremonial, and it left me wondering if the project had gained formal support, or if it was being quietly abandoned. 

Does this represent abandonment or escalation in its development? 

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This merge was planned initially. It's the next step of product evolution. As emails say the support is now merged into main Rider, targeting the 2022.1 release in March 2022. Early Access Program (EAP) is a part of our standard procedure to make sure all changes delivered in the new release are of good quality. EAP builds are free and you can use them after downloading from our website. No special license is required, only a JBA login to start the product.

So this means we are preparing for the final official release of Unreal Engine support in the Rider product, which we see as an Ultimate Game Dev IDE by JetBrains.

As many of our previewers already rely on preview builds in production development, we keep notifying them about what's going on. So that they have time to prepare all formal quotes and agreements on their side to buy Rider after the 2022.1 release to keep using it for UE.

Sorry the email confused you, that was never our intent! We hope you stay with us and Rider product further.

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Fantastic news! Thank you so much!


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