Breakpoints sometimes not working in Blazor WASM app

I have a Blazor WASM app I'm working on, and breakpoints are not being hit consistently. The most recent example is I have a breakpoint set on a variable within the @code block of a razor file, I get the red circle indicating the breakpoint was set but I do not get the checkmark and the breakpoint is not hit. I often have this issue and it sometimes resolves itself and breakpoints work but the majority of the time they do not, and it becomes a total pain to try and debug my code.



Breakpoint is "set" but no checkmark indicator appears, and breakpoint is not being hit.


I have checked my settings and ensured that debugging for Blazor WASM is enabled but still no luck:


I see here that another issue regarding this has been closed but I am still having issues getting breakpoints to hit.


Hello Dylan,

Could you please share a sample project and specific steps that lead to such behavior with a new issue on our tracker? Thank you in advance!


Olga Diakonova unfortunately, I cannot provide a sample for the app in question, my company will not allow it. The only steps I am taking is simply setting a breakpoint in a razor file and once I do the checkmark does not appear and the breakpoint is not hit. I am able to set breakpoints in some files but not all.


Hi Dylan Davenport

Unfortunately, we were not lucky with attempts to reproduce this issue in our environment. Would you mind installing the latest Rider 2022.1 version and ensuring that the problem is still there? Please let us know the results. 

Thank you in advance! 


Yeah, I have this same issue.


Hello Hugo,

Would you mind sharing the additional information as described below?

  • Share a screenshot that demonstrates the issue. Share a screenshot that demonstrates the issue. If there is any error next to breakpoint that is not able to hit?
  • Enable the trace scenario for Debugger in Help | Diagnostic tools | Choose Trace Scenarios
  • Reproduce the issue
  • Collect all Rider logs via Help | Collect logs
  • Disable tracing in Help | Diagnostic tools | Choose Trace Scenarios;
  • Upload the archive generated to the Upload Service and let me know the Upload ID.
  • Share a project that reproduces the issue if possible.

Thank you in advance!


I'm having the same issue. It will break, but you don't know where. I'm using rider 2022.1.2

So, it is currently stopped on this breakpoint, but there is nothing indicating that.

You can see here that it was actually paused.
Please fix this. Visual Studio is hopeless.


Hello John,

Would you mind sharing the additonal information with us as I described above? We would appreciate it if you can attach the collected information to a new issue on our tracker.

Thank you in advance!


Just trying out Rider as a possible alternative to VS2022 but have the same problem. Breakpoints appear to be working based on what you see in Rider/code, but nothing actually happens even though the code is executed which makes it kind of meaningless. This is a Blazor Server project BTW.


We gave up on using WebStorms a few years ago where there were similar problems trying to get debugger to work, I hope this won't be the same here...



Interesting, we just noticed this seem to work in Edge, but not in Chrome (which works fine for VS and VSC). 


Edit 2:


For whatever reason it started working in Chrome as well now. 


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