Linux, Rider, Unreal Engine 4, and hot reload

So I will preface this by saying that I am about 99% certain that I am doing something wrong.

I have Unreal Engine running fine and I can create new classes in the UE Editor and my changes go to Rider. UE Editor seems to trigger its own compilaton and hot reload which work fine in that case. But if I modify anything in Rider, it seems I have to close the UE Editor and reload it before I see my changes.

After the project is created and I've loaded it into the UE Editor for sanity's sake, my daily workflow starts by loading Rider and launching the UE Editor from there. I can debug find, but if I make changes and recompile, those changes are not reflected in UE until I kill the running process and relaunch it from Rider.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


I have no answer, but new question.
Is Linux Hot reload extremely slow compared to Windows?


Hi Ronald Barbosa,

UE 4 Hot Reload might not work reliably on Linux and you might need to apply a workaround described in this thread. Please note that UE 5 Hot Reload is currently not available due to the issue in Unreal Engine (you can find more information about this issue here)


Hi StaseG marc,

Hot Reload on Linux is indeed slower , but using glibc with DSO patches might help (if you are not using it yet). You can find more information in the following issue. Hope it helps!




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