Is there a way to cache Unreal Engine source files so it doesn't process EVERY time I restart the IDE?

Loving Rider for UE4! Except that every time I open and close the IDE, every single file is re-indexed and re-processed again. Even in my beefy machine it always takes some time until syntax highlighting, linking, etc works, because of the re-indexing.

Considering that those engine files are NEVER changed is there a way to process them only the first time a project is created and loaded?



Hello Alfred R Baudisch,

Rider should index the engine once per project and save the caches when the indexing is complete (note that if you close Rider while indexing is ongoing, it will not save "half-complete" cache and will start indexing again). Rider builds a new version of caches after every update, so re-indexing can happen again after you update from, for example, Rider 2022.1 EAP1 to EAP2.


If you notice Rider re-indexing projects when there were no updates, this might be a bug. If this is the case, would you mind collecting and sending us some additional information that we could use to investigate the issue?

  • Use Help->Diagnostic Tools->Choose Trace Scenarios action and pick CppCaches scenario
  • Reproduce the problem
  • Use Help -> Report a Bug shortly after reproducing the problem. Agree to attach logs, leave a short description of this issue or a link to this thread and specify the engine version you are using (for example, UE 4.27 build from Epic Games Launcher or UE 5 build, branch ue5-main from GitHub).
Switching solution configuration will also cause reindexing.

Hello Yajiedesign,

Usually changing the solution configuration (for example, changing between DebugGame and Development) should not trigger engine reindexing. Would you mind describing your changes to the solution configuration that trigger the reindexing?


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