PackageCache files filling up the Search Anywhere > Solution options


I'm on Rider 2021.3.3, Unity 2021.2.12f1, macOS 12.2.1.

My problem is that files from Unity's PackageCache are filling up the File quick picker and making it difficult for me to select the file I'm interested in. It wouldn't be so bad if the files in the cache were given such higher priority over my own file (see attached image). I've marked the relevant file (Library/PackageCache) not to be indexed and invalidated caches but it has had no effect.

Any help disabling these files or increasing the priority of my own would be much appreciated.



Hi Colin S Jackson90

Thank you for your request. I've created an issue for this case, feel free to follow it: RIDER-74998

As a workaround, please apply `Stop index` for the PackageCache folder in the context menu of the folder. 


Hi Alexandra Guk, thank you for your quick response and for creating an issue, I'll be sure to track it.

The workaround didn't work unfortunately. I have applied Stop Index to the PackageCache folder (I see the "no index' message next to the directory in Explorer), and then Invalidated Caches, but this has had no effect. All the files from PackageCache still appear in Search Everywhere.


Hi Colin! 

Thank you for this detail. I'll double-check. However, could you please try the same in Rider EAP? Thanks! 


Thank you for the follow-up Alexandra Guk. The problem persists unfortunately:

The steps I took:

  • Closed Rider 2021.3.3 and Unity
  • Installed Rider EAP latest build (RD-221.4501.83)
  • Opened solution in Rider EAP
  • Restarted computer
  • Opened solution in Rider EAP
  • Set "Tools > Stop Index" on /Library/ and /Library/PackageCache
  • ran "Invalidate Caches" with all options selected

The outcome is as you see in the screenshot above.

If it's relevant I can also note that these are the Apple Silicon builds.

Thanks again for your assistance.



thank you for the update. I added all the details to the issue. Our developers will process it soon. You can follow/comment on the issue for further updates. 


Hi guys, I'm having the same issue -- has anyone found a viable workaround?


Hi Linus Tan

There is no workaround for now, unfortunately. Please upvote the feature request



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