Rider EAP missing iOS configurations

I've installed Rider EAP on a couple of Macs, and when I load the uproject I see Mac and tvOS platforms, but not an iOS platform.

Both machines are using a UE4.27.2 Chaos source build (1 lightly modified, the other unmodified). I'm seeing this for both our large in development project and with the UE4 template projects (Third Person Shooter, C++). iOS is enabled in the supported platforms in the project, and generating the xcworkspaces with UE creates workspaces with iOS targets supported.

If I build and launch the editor from Rider, I can build/package iOS apps from within the resultant editor.

This is across 2 M1 Monterey Macs using the M1 app bundle, and 1 Intel i7 Mac on Big Sur.


I am experiencing exactly the same with Rider for UE 2021.2.1 on Big Sur with XCode 13.0. The project is an almost vanilla source build.



Regrettably, Rider does not support iOS at the moment. Please feel free to vote for and follow this issue to monitor progress.


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