HTTP Request Log does not open

I'm using the http request log, but when I click 'open log' it fails with this error:

Looks like somehow the file type name is "HTTP requests" instead of "HTTP Requests" (case sensitive I guess).  If I click 'open configuration' I can see that the file type is "HTTP requests", but the 'edit' option is disabled.

I'm guessing this is in a config file somewhere, anyone able to point me at the location so I can change it to an uppercase 'R' please?

Thanks very much!


Hello Simon,

What Rider version are you using? If you create HTTP Requests file type and add *.http here, does it work then? 


Version 2021.3.3

I tried creating a "HTTP Requests" file type, but then when reassigned *.http  files to it I lose those options along the top, and it doesn't seem to recognise it as a http file any more - no options to run the requests/etc.


Could you please reproduce the issue, collect logs via Help | Collect Logs and attach them with a new issue on our tracker? Thank you in advance!


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