Debugging .NET 6 app on Linux is slow

Hello there, i have a pretty annoying problem with the debugger. My app is a game engine using C#, OpenTK and ImGui, and when i run the program normally i get 60 fps, but once i run the app with the debugging enabled, it drops to 10 fps.

What im using:

JetBrains Rider 2021.3.3

.NET 6.0.1

Ubuntu 22.04

Linux kernel 5.16.10-051610-generic

Intel i7-12700

Thanks for help



Hello hexiy

We need some more information to check. Please reproduce the issue and collect the following information:

Create a ticket via `Help | Report a bug` (logs will be attached automatically). Attach the information there for further investigation. Please share large files via form.

If you can attach also your solution, it helps a lot. 

Thank you in advance! 


I encountering same problem. After updating Rider to version 2021.3.4 everything started work properly until today (again during Debugging application I have to wait ~20seconds for startup).


Hi Marcin Rogoz

Could you please collect the details mentioned in the previous comment? This allows us to investigate the issue. Looking forward to hearing from you! 



Of course I will try to provide data as soon as possible but now I can't because after Invalidating Cache of IDE it works good (before update Cache Invalidation didn't help).

It is also funny because this slow Startup does not appear in all .NET 6 projects (in my case only in one project)


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