Is Rider same as IntelliJ but for .net?

I'm currently subscribed to intelliJ Ultimate. I seldom code in Java, but I do need the it to code in web, PHP and occasional python stack. Recently I got into .net and want to use rider for it. Can Rider do everything intelliJ does? Support for reactjs, node, php, python etc? Or is Rider purely .net focused? If I want to add Rider to my existing toolset, do I need to upgrade my license to get the all products license instead?
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Rider includes WebStorm functionality and thus has the same functionality as the corresponding WebStorm version. The only exception is WebStorm project templates ( which are not implemented in Rider yet.

As for the php, Rider has code highlighting for this language. Intellisense and other PHP code editing features are not supported yet:

There is also a Python Community Edition plugin available for Rider.





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