Rider Space menu doesn't offer the 'share repository...' option.

I'm using Rider and I also have a Jetbrains Space. I'm trying to link the repository to Space from within Rider. I installed the Space plugin and logged on. I have a local repository. The instructions direct me to use /tools/space/share... and the only thing I see in that menu is tools/space/clone repository... There is no option to 'share' the current repo. I tried to uninstall Space and re-install without success.
Also, when in the Rider preferences, if I click on Tools, then on Space, the pane there doesn't load, it shows a progress spinning animation and a Loading label but this never finishes. Uninstalling/reinstalling Space didn't work.
What should I try next?

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Hi D Ricard, thanks for reporting this! It's a known issue which is going to be fixed in the upcoming Rider release. Please refer to the following link for more details: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-285778

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Thanks Pavel! Yes I found out about that and for those finding this now, you can use the Roder EAP and it works normally.


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