Rider plugin COM (Component Object Model) references

Hi, is there any way to reflect a COM (Component Object Model) inside a Rider plugin by it's Windows registry GUID?


Hi David Retzlaff

There are two types of plugins in Rider: frontend and backend. You should use Java for frontend plugins. Here is an article about Rider Frontend plugin development;

For backend plugins, there are general .net, so you can use COM in a normal way.  

Please let me know if there are anything else I can help you. 



Hi Alexandra Guk

Thank you for your response. I tried to develop a custom language plugin for an old proprietary language just using the IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK. Unfortunately the support for COM interopability with Java or Kotlin (JVM in general) seems very limited.
According to your answer, the best way seems to be to implement a ReSharper backend service that provides the necessary information for the frontend plugin. The other option would be to use the JNI.

Perhaps the best overall solution is to migrate the plugin to the ReSharper SDK in the future. 



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