Run process remotely and attach to it for debug

Hi Everyone,

I'm relatively Rider newbie and I'm wondering if following workflow is possible:

  • I have .NET Framework app which I want to edit in Rider running inside macOS (no issues to build it using Mono).
  • Next to this I have my Windows 10 VM running in Parallels.
  • .csproj files are set to deploy built files to Win10 host.
  • I would like to hit Debug button in Rider and run the build, run remote process (in Win10 VM) and let Rider (running in macOS) attach to this remote process for debugging

I can't even find a way to run the process remotely. Is there a way how to achieve the above written?

Thanks a lot!


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Unfortunately, it is not possible. Please, feel free to upvote the issue




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if you have an option to have ssh in your win10 VM you should be able to attach the debugger remotly


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