Rider keeps offering redundant packages .NET

Rider keeps offering really sporatic packages when clicking alt+enter to auto import the required packes. 

For example I have a 'DateTime' in a model, but am missing the required 'using System'.  I click alt+enter and the top item on the list is ClosedXml.excel...DateTime.  Why is this showing above the completely obvious intent of "System"  It is extremely annoying and causes me to import the wrong packages constantly.  

It seems to favor anything excel.  Not sure why.  Perhaps it is ordering aphabetacally.  If so... STOP THAT.  Order by relevance.

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Hello Jonw,

You may want to exclude certain extension types for the auto-import. Go to Preferences > Editor > General > Auto Import - Filtering - Exclude the following types/members from import features and add *.excel as an exception. 

If that solution does not suit you or does not help in your case, please share the following details: 

  • Case of such auto-import suggestion scenario (screencast or screenshot);
  • Screenshot of auto-import settings in Preferences > Editor > General > Auto Import.

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