Add color box to autocomplete

I noticed that when I start typing Color. (using System.Drawing), the autocomplete shows a colored box next to the suggestions (eg. a green box if I type System.Drawing.Color.Green). Is this an exclusive feature for the Color class or can I add it to my own methods/properties etc.?

Here's a picture showing what I mean:

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Hello Tigerros,

The feature you mentioned is specific for the Rider and Color class, as you supposed. However, since you want to implement this to your methods, it might be a good idea for a tool. I believe the best way for implementing it would be to develop a plugin.

There are a lot of articles and tutorials about how to develop IntelliJ plugins:

Here is a link to Rider plugin collection. Moreover, we have a slack channel #dotnet-pluginwriters where our plugin writers can ask Rider/R#/IJ developers. Just let me know if you want to be added there.


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