How to change dotnet target platform in jetbrains rider?


I have a project that was originally created for dotnet 5.0 as the target platform. Now I would like to upgrade it to use dotnet 6.0 as the target platform.

If I go to Run > Edit Configurations, there is a drop-down for Target Framework, but it's stuck on "net5.0" there is no other option listed. I have dotnet 6 installed and ready to use. I just need to change my project to use it.

If I go to Preferences > Build, Execution, Deployment > Toolset and Build, I have the .NET Core CLI executable path set to my dotnet 6.0 executable, but still the project thinks of itself as being dotnet 5.0.



To make the case clearer, please  share the following screenshots:

  • Preferences > Build, Execution, Deployment > Toolset and Build;
  • Project in question, right click on it > Properties. Please share which Target framework is set. Can you check Target framework list here? Are you able to choose dotnet6 in it?

Actually, you answered my question in your response @Anna, thanks. The answer is open the Solution in Rider. Then right-click the project (not the solution). Go to Properties > Target framework. There is a [...] button which allows you to change the target framework.


Awesome! Glad that helped :) 


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