Share "Actions on save" in team solution settings?

Hi! We're trying to enable the "Actions On Save" for our team at the moment. Is there an option to save the "reformat and cleanup code" setting into the team-shared settings, so that we can check it into version control?




Hello Donal! 

Settings in the Rider are divided into 2 categories: Layer-based settings and Directory-based settings.  Layer-based settings are transferred using the Team-shared settings you mentioned. However, the desired option Actions on Leave is stored in the Directory-based settings and thus, it is not related to the Team-shared settings. However, you may want to use the VCS option as an alternative. 


Anna Morozyuk
The mentioned "Actions on Save" configurations are stored in .idea/**/workspace.xml

<component name="PropertiesComponent">
    <property name="" value="true" />
    <property name="" value="true" />

Is it possible to move this to a different XML that can be stored under the version control? workspace.xml contains a lot of user specific configurations and we cannot commit this file to version control, but we also want to share the "Actions on Save" settings with the team through VCS.


It is not mandatory to use all the settings files in the VCS scenario. You can transfer only .idea/**/workspace.xml.
But if it doesn't fit your case, unfortunately, moving these exact settings between different files is not possible at the moment. However, we have feature requests you may want to vote for: IDEA-290447 and IDEA-163616. Feel free to share the detailed scenario of your case in comments. And please do vote for these suggestions. On the tracker, others can see your request and add their vote if they find such a tool would be useful. It helps our team to better understand which features/tools our users are eager for.

I hope I could help.


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