Debug on unity editor script

IDK if this is the expected behavior, but today my immediate window when debugging stopped to offer suggestions, window is working properly I mean if you type the whole name they will show to you the data inside the field just suggest anything, after the blaming session where every other thing in the world is guilty I tried to debug another script and, for my surprise, things go just right, then I noticed that my original script was inside an #if UNITY_EDITOR preprocessor and the second script don't so I tried to remove and, again for my surprise, it just worked. IDK if this is expected or just a bug, I come here to share.



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Hello Joao,

Please enable Trace scenario for Debugger via Help | Diagnostic Tools | Choose Trace Scenarios, reproduce the issue, collect the logs after via Help | Collect Logs and attach the resulting bundle with a new issue on our tracker. Thank you in advance!


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