Problem with folders, scopes when developing React app

Hi. I'm trying Rider trial just now and started to use it on my React project and here I'm unable to exclude some folders I don;t want to see in my solution (Explorer window).

I've tried defining scope with removed .idea, .vscode, build, coverage folders (node_modules were not listed in this tool window):

(blue = partially included, green = recursively included)

But this does not seem to have any impact:


Also search results include files from excluded folders (node_modules, build, coverage):

Please, how to achieve hiding this folders from search and Explorer window?

Thanks a lot!
I hope this can be solved and I'll decide positively for purchase of the Rider.


Hello Petr, could you please clarify how exactly you have excluded the files? If I exclude the following way, then the excluded files are not shown in Search everywhere:


I've excluded via Scope definition.Context menu in your screenshot is different on my machine. It's missing Exclude option.

(not even in Edit and Tools submenu)



Looks like you have just opened a folder with the project, there is no *.csproj. Then such exclude is not possible, meaning at the current moment it is not possible to exclude files from solution explorer view. But you can hide them from Search Everywhere if disable indexing, like you can see on the screenshot.


True, you can telll from screenshot displaying Explorer tool window.

Is there another way to open React project (which is only folder-based, no .csproj or similar file) to make this work?

When I use Stop Index as you suggested it makes no difference:

  1. results from build folder still apper in Search everywhere dialog
  2. build folder is stil visible in Explorer window (only with no index tag)

Also: Does that mean that defining Scope for this "folder project" has no effect


For the case when it is just a folder it won't work indeed. Custom solution scopes would work for this, here is a corresponding request on our tracker: RIDER-29268. Please vote and watch for monitoring the progress on it.


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