Invoke Differences viewer programatically when test fails


I'm curious if its possible to run c# code which would in turn open built-in diff window of two files inside Rider, similar when you select two files in Solution tab and hit ctrl+d

Let's say i have test which generates two json files and i want to compare them when tests finishes.

When tests finishes I want diff window to show up with two files next to each other.

Broader question is if there is C# api or CLI for rider to send commands to.

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Hello, I believe the best way for implementing it would be to develop a plugin.

There are a lot of articles and tutorials about how to develop IntelliJ plugins:
- Rider sample plugin;
- An article about Rider Frontend plugin development;
- Creating Your First Plugin.

Here is a link to Rider plugin collection. We also have a slack channel for plugin writers, let me know if you would like to be added here.


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