Rider: Access files in repository root when solution (.sln) is not in the root.

We have a project structure similar to this project:

The key point: The .sln file is in a subfolder (src in the above case)
How can I view files outside of /src in the rider solution explorer without also including the contents of /src a second time?
I know about "attached folders", and they do work to a point, however if you have the explorer set to jump to the current file in the editor it will jump into the attached folder rather than into the project loaded by rider in certain cases, such as when creating a new file.
I would like to attach the repo root as a folder, but hide /src in the solution explorer.

I'm guessing this is not currently supported, but if anyone knows of a an existing feature request in youtrack I can upvote please let me know.

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Hi Rowanm

I suppose this is not possible. The only way is to open the project as a folder (eShopOnContainers in the example). So you'll see all the files in File System tab. However, Solution Explorer will not be available in this case. If this doesn't work for you, one can create a new Feature Request



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