Fixing multiple occurences of Roslyn Analyzer violation


I generally like Rider more than Visual Studio, but there's one feature that Visual Studio has, but Rider doesn't. When I'm using Roslyn Analyzers, such as StyleCop.Analyzers, they are sometimes capable of fixing a violation that they report. In VS, you can choose which scope to fix the violation in, like the entire solution. From what I can tell, Rider can only fix one occurrence of the violation, even though it has the scope feature for built-in warnings.

I obviously don't want to go through each violation and manually fix it. To partially solve the problem, I open up VS every time I want to fix a violation across a wider scope, but that gets very annoying and I kind of want to use VS again.

Is there some way to do this in Rider? I'm still new to the IDE, so maybe there's some window or setting I've missed.


Here is how it looks like in VS:

And here is how it looks like in Rider (no scope, or preview, for that matter):


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Hello, there is a corresponding request on our tracker: RIDER-18372. Please feel free to upvote in order to show that you are interested in it and click on Watch to track the progress on it.


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