Rider Gutter Icons

Is there any way to get the more meaning full gutter icons as used in Intellij Idea and for the Javascript methods in rider.  Basically I want to have the icons shown in the Gutter Icon  configuration instead of the current rider icons like ^|

Would this have to be implemented in a plugin and if so should I be looking at the PSI ?  In fact any pointers would be helpful.




Hello Horuuendillus,

Take my sincere apologies for the extremely late reply.

Changing the icons on a gutter is only possible via plugin.

The easiest way is to make a theme:

  • Set up a development environment as per this article;
  • Create a theme project in IDEA;
  • Create and edit icons {} section in the resources/theme/{YourTheme}.theme.json file;
  • Below, you can find required entries you would need to add to change the mentioned icons on a gutter.
"icons": { 
    "/resharper/PsiServices/HasImplementations.svg": "/YourSvgFile1.svg",
    "/resharper/PsiServices/HasOverrides.svg": "/YourSvgFile2.svg",
    "/resharper/PsiServices/Implements.svg": "/YourSvgFile3.svg",
    "/resharper/PsiServices/Overrides.svg": "/YourSvgFile4.svg",
    "/resharper/Daemon/Recursion.svg": "/YourSvgFile5.svg"

Feel free to take a look and use the sample theme plugin project.

Please let me know if you encounter any difficulties or have any other questions.
Have a nice day!


Hello Horuuendillus,

Additional note: You might find the required .svg files (those you want to use instead of those in Rider) on this resource.

Have a nice day!


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