Mixing TFVC and Git in the same solution?


we are currently migrating from VisualStudio to Rider.

In one solution, we are mixing projects from Git and TFVC. In Visual Studio, this worked just fine: Setup the solution and add existing projects from both worlds. VisualStudio detected this and showed the changes as open commits to the correct source control.

When I try the same in Rider, this does not seem possible. It does quickly default to Git and that's about it.

Is there any way to mix the source control system as described in Rider?

Thank you!

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In the tool window Version Control that opens when you open a solution with projects under Git and TFS, there are indeed only buttons named as if they are from Git world. But when you press `Commit` button for tfs repo changes it performs checkin. Also, corresponding context menu sets are available.


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