Default Git settings newly opened projects


Is there any way to make some git settings as default for all project I open? (Or at least for certain folder containing projects).

Every time I open project which I never opened in Rider before I have to manually set following settings:

AlsoI have to insert/select GPG key.


Thank you

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Hi Petr Gurecky

Unfortunately, these settings now are stored on a project level. Here is a feature request for this: IDEA-228513. Feel free to upvote. 

Also one can change these settings for future projects in `File | New projects setup | Settings for New Projects`.

I hope this helps! Should you have any other questions, let us know. 

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Settings for New Projects... should suffice.

Unfortunatelly Configure GPG Key... button is disabled and is not possible to set this.


Thank you anyway ;-) 


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Sorry, I missed  Configure GPG Key mention. This setting is synced with gitconfig of the current project so there cannot be any default value for all new projects. 



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