Where does Rider read Azure access / refresh tokens from?

I'm having issues running a .NET web application using Rider in OS X, where we use an Azure Key Vault, and during the startup I get hit with the following error:

Azure.RequestFailedException: AKV10032: Invalid issuer.

The exception points directly at the access token having the wrong issuer for the key vault. I've had this error randomly on and off after we went through an authorization remodeling in our back-end. I have not been able to pinpoint exactly where it's picking that issuer from. Now, I've gone and logged out using Azure CLI, I've cleared the accounts, logged back in, used machine login, logged in with Azure Explorer and other Azure tools in Rider, changed the subscription, tried to manually delete the access tokens from %HOME%/.azure and even rebooted my Macbook. Nothing helps permanently.

The funny thing? I can run the application just fine in VS Code. So apparently VS Code can pick up a correct access token, but Rider cannot. So where exactly are the access tokens for Rider stored if it indeed uses Azure CLI tokens? Or does someone know how I can completely purge any lingering refresh tokens in my system and re-do the authentication flow to get a new refresh token?

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Hello Ossi,

Could you please collect the logs after issue reproduce via Help | Collect Logs and attach them with a new issue on our tracker? That will give us more information on the issue and set up. Thank you in advance!

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Hi! Thank you for the reply. I went and purged the cache in Rider, and removed the project folder, then re-opened the folder as a project and it started to work again. Most likely something was persisted there, in some type of a cache, and I had to go and clear everything to fix it.


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