Change git username

Hello, Im using MAC with Rider

I have a issue while cloning any repository from a remote url, I can't change the username, 

the username that is in that popup is the same always and it dont let me change it, I need to change it to my username, why in that?




Could you please clarify what plugin you use for Azure DevOps integration in Rider (and its version in `Preferences | Plugins`)? 

Also, please clarify Rider version.





Rider Version I use is 2021.3.4 and the Plugin Azure Devops 1.162.0 Thanks


Thanks for the information.

Please try to use IntelliJ git plugin instead and clone your repository via Git not via Azure DevOps Git.



Is there an update on this? Why does it not allow to change the username?



It is indeed not possible to edit the username field in the login dialog ( Please try to use IntelliJ git plugin instead and clone your repository via Git not (Azure DevOps Git by Microsoft).


Answers here are not helpful. I use the bundled Git plugin, not the one by Microsoft, and still cannot change username. There are no IntelliJ alternative in the market place.

Hello Thomas,
I'm sorry for not responding long time.
I double-checked this issue.
Now I see that if you put a new style url while cloning, it contains a user name ``. This is why the form does not allow you to sign in.
If you put there an old style url like ``, then it is possible to change the username in this form.

If you use a generated password to access your repository, does it work for you? Are you able to login without changing the predefined username?

Is this going to be fixed?


I believe no, this is by design.


Have the same Issue, more then annoying. 

I use now an other client for git, but Rider stil give me the popup every x time. 

When this is by (bad) design (really bad). Make an option in the popup to disable it... 


Could you please elaborate on a use-case scenario?
How exactly do you obtain a repository link? Do you copy it from somewhere or it is sent to you by someone?

Basically, the reason why a username cannot be changed is this:
IDE relies on command-line git and simply provides a dialog window where you can enter authentication data when it is requested by Git.

Based on information that I have found in this thread, it seems that SSH is being used as a way to communicate with git repostiory and URL that is being used has a format <USERNAME>@<Remote-repository-server-URL>
Due to the fact that <USERNAME> is set to some custom username and not to `git` username, then only a password is requested.

If you try to run any remote-related git command in CLI, you will be prompted to enter a password only, and there will be no option to change username. Since git in CLI doesn't allow change a username, the same happens in IDE


I have to agree this git setup is a terrible design.  I spent hours trying to figure out how to make this work.  I copied my clone url from azure devops.  I only finally managed to copy my code by using visual studio for mac.  Also I can't try and edit the url as suggested using the backspace key.  In my case I'm thinking Rider has a hard time handling 3rd party oauth such as Okta as well.  Even after finally cloning my repo using visual studio mac, Rider was unable to utilize the nuget config file to be able to pull my companies nuget packages from their server.  

Hi Alma,

Can you please share a screenshot of the issue?

Additonally, can you please elaborate more on the nuget package part?

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