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Hello Jon!

Thank you so much for your patience.

To create a solution similar to the instructions, you may want to do the following:
      1.  Create the frontend app:
           go to Create Solution > ASP .NETCore Web Application >Type – With React.js – Create.
      2. Create the backend app:
           Right click on the Solution name > Add > New Project > SP .NETCore Web Application >Type – Web API, set the name required > Create.
      3. Set the project properties:
           It is done through the three dots in the right corner of the Toolbar > Edit Configuration.
      4. Set the startup project: 
           At the moment, Rider does not have Multiple Startup as in the Visual Studio: RIDER-7033. You may want to vote for this feature to show its priority to bring increased awareness to the issue. Also, please click to Watch it for monitoring the progress. 
        However, it is possible to try setting up Compound Configuration or Multirun plugin instead. 
     5. Start the project:
        These instructions do not depend on IDE.

I hope, my reply was helpful. 
If any questions occur - please let me know!


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