Changing style of heading white space in rider


I have tick the box to shows whitespaces inside the Editor > appearance. But for some of the project , the heading white space is showing as long dash bar, but some of project is showing as dot line.

Could you point me where i can change the style ?



The lines are tabs, and the dots are spaces, so it looks like it is mixed formatting. You can adjust the tab, indent and alignment settings by going to Settings->Editor->Code Style->C#

For more information see:


HI Horuuendillus, I realized that "ab, indent and alignment settings" does not work for my rider( it is 2021.3 version, i just download it from website). But if I create a project from visual studio first, then open it from rider, rider can detect it is a tab or space and give different shape. 

So I was wondering if there is other settings sit somewhere ? or rider does not follow visual studio setup ?




Basically if VS is set up use Tabs (which I think is the default) then set rider to use Tabs also.  If VS is set to use spaces then set Rider to use spaces.  Then indentations will be consistent.

Visual Studio may also have an adaptive white space feature that mixes the two which can be disable under editor settings.


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