2022.1 Unnecessary whitespace inconsistency

Unnecessary whitespace outside of the namespace declaration is no longer highlighted (where I have the inspection "Unnecessary whitespace at the end of line" set to Error). This includes at the end of using statements (after some testing I find that it is only on the last using statement (the one before the namespace declaration)):

using System;_________ ok
using System.Linq;__________ missed
_______ missed
namespace MyNamespace {_____ ok
_______ ok
}________ missed
__________ missed

All of them are still removed on save (if that setting is enabled).


Another issue is that if I delete the last piece of whitespace on a line, the editor will now force delete the new-line with it. This means that I can't manually make a line empty (at least by pressing backspace).

namespace MyNamespace {

* is cursor. pressing backspace once results in:

namespace MyNamespace {
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Hello Dave,

Thank you for contacting Rider support.
We have open issue about on our tracker for "Unnecessary whitespace at the end of line" inspection issue.

I have reported the bug for wrong behavior of backspace in the end of file 

We would appreciate it if you could upvote these issues to demonstrate your interest.


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