How to use "Evaluate Expression" / "Evaluate and Log" with UE4/C++

Hello !

It's a really simple question, but I didn't find anything related on forum/documentation.

How can I print a formatted log with variable values in "Evaluate Expression" / "Evaluate and Log" with UE4 ?

Using FString::Printf("%s %s", *variable1.ToString(), *variable2.ToString()) is not recognized ("error no member named Printf in FString"). *ToString() will not be accessible either.

Also entering one variable name will display its description correctly, but is it possible to have multiple evaluation in one expression ? (ex: "variable1;variable2..." )

Thanks a lot !

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Hello Thomas,

It looks like the compiler optimizes the information about FString containing Printf and you are not able to use it for evaluation as a result. If you are using similar expression in other debuggers (VS, for example), please make sure you are selecting the same project configuration during debugging.

Currently, debugger does not support evaluation of multiple expressions. Please vote for the following issue if you would like to see it implemented in the future.


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