Rider for Unreal Engine without installing Visual Studio

Is it possible to use Rider for Unreal Engine 5 without needing to install Visual Studio?

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Hello Bell,

You need a bunch of tools installed on your machine to be able to build and compile Unreal Engine projects.
The easiest way to get the required components is to install Visual Studio.
The convenient way to get the components required for C++ Unreal development in Rider without Visual Studio is by downloading the Microsoft Build Tools launcher (you will not get Visual Studio, but the required components only).
You can download the Build Tools Manager via this link.

You also should have installed .NET SDK 5.0 for Unreal Engine 5. There you can download it. Probably you already have it installed.
.NET 3.1 is bundled with UE5. For UE<5.0 you should install it manually. You can download it from the same page.

There on the screenshot, you can see the minimal components you need to install from Build Tools Manager.
At the moment, Rider leverages MSVC to build the Unreal Engine projects on Windows because Unreal Engine itself heavily depends on MSVC. This is unlikely to change in the short term, but we are aware of this issue and we are working on it.

Should you have any other questions, please let me know. Have a great day!
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I've checked the license terms that are shown for the Build Tools for Visual Studio 2022:


This looks like I would still need a proper Visual Studio Professional or Enterprise license to use Rider for Unreal.

Is this correct?

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You are right, you need a proper Visual Studio license according to your need.

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Hello Bruno,

Thank you for your question. No, it doesn't change the situation, regrettably.

Have a nice day!

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