Cannot set breakpoint, ue 5.0.1, rider 2022.1


when I compile  code, open ue5 and attach to process, no breakpoint can be set (na matter if this is in plugin or game):

"The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No executable code is associated with this line".
For some reasons DLL files ale not being loaded. But when i Run the project via 'debug' button, then breakpoints do hit.

How can I fix this? I think it worked in 2022.1 with ue 4.27.


cheers, Dawid

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Same for me. Rider absolutely useless for UE5 development.

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For me it doesn't work still, every time I want to debug I need to close ue, and start it once again by pushing Debug in Rider

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Hello Dawid Buj and SAntoniuk,

Could you try compiling (CTRL+ALT+F11 assuming you are using Live Coding) the project once after attaching to the running UE instance? What happens to breakpoints - are they still inactive?

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Bumping this as it is a real issue, I'm encountering it too.
I tried your suggestion with live coding enabled, I get the live coding to successfully complete by my breakpoints stay in this weird "cannot be hit" mode :(

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Hello Dtaralla,

Would you mind reproducing this issue with additional trace scenarios enabled and sending us the logs? Please:

  • Open your project in Rider
  • Under Help -> Diagnostic Tools -> Choose Trace Scenario, select Debugger
  • Reproduce the issue (Attach to process, ensure that the breakpoints are inactive)
  • Use Help -> Report a Bug and agree to attach your logs
  • Disable Debugger tracing scenario

Please put a link to this thread in the issue description or leave a comment after creating an issue. Let me know if you have any questions about this process or if you are not comfortable sharing the logs with us.



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