Suggestion: Add color highlighting to Find Usages results

I must use Find Usages more than 20 times a day and constantly struggle with actually filtering the info in that view to get what I need quickly.

Would be great if there was some color in there to add clarity. This is what it currently looks like:

I'd prefer it look something a bit more like this: 

Not exactly syntax highlighting but the main things I'm looking for with FindUsages, in this specific order, are... 

  1. What class / type it's used in (not including namespace). 
  2. What property, field, method param/return or local variable it's being used in.
  3. The fully qualified namespace - not always useful but helpful at times. 

Maybe other people have different priorities but I feel like the majority would have a similar ranking of order of importance. 

I know you can group by type but having to expand each usage by type is a huge pain and still doesn't quite address the clarity issue when you have a lot of or long namespaces.

I'd also be happy with the results being in a table where I could pick and choose columns for class name, call site, namespace etc. Speed is king. Clarity beings speed. 

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