Go to declaration or usage doesn't work

I install Rider with windows zip archive.

When I use it, I can build and run .Net core apps, but in its source code, I am not able to Go to declaration or usage. No matter Ctrl + left click, Ctrl + B,  enen right click and from context menu, it never works.

In xaml file, the preview doesnot work too. It says File doesn't contain XAML markup.


Since I am able to run the solution, I do not know where the problem is. I help somebody can help to fix it.


Besides, but I can not build .Net Framework console or desktop app. The Run configuration shows nothing. (Its environment is OK too.)

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I can even debug .Net Core Desktop App.

But when I choose a HashTable val, its content says   Exception of type 'System.Security.VerificationException' was thrown: objRef xxx instead of showing its real content.

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Can you please collect the following infromation:

- all the logs (after reproducing go to, evaluation, and preview issues) with the `Help | Collect Logs` menu item;

- a screenshot of the evaluation error you see (Exception of type 'System.Security.VerificationException' was thrown: objRef xxx instead of showing its real content).

Share this information via submitting a new support request (`Help | Contact Support` in Rider).

Thank you in advance.


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Go to declaration or usage doesn't work

Using ZIP type, unzip and run it, it happens.

Using EXE type, install and run it, it is OK.

I wonder what are the differences between them.

What makes thing stranger is that, I copy the folder released by EXE type to another PC, it works too. I mean, for both IDEA and Android Studio, ZIP type works fine, but Rider doesn't ?

Because I have changed my environment, I am not able to reproduce the situation.

But Hashtable error keeps, I will submit a new support request later.

Thank you.


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