Highlight current line in scrollbar (caret row error stripe mark in color settings)


Hey all!

One feature that I have been waiting for ages for is highlighting on what line you currently are in the scrollbar.

The way you highlight various things in the scrollbar normally, is to enable and set a color for "error stripe mark" in Settings > Editor > Color scheme.

However, for the "caret row" option (and other items that could solve my problem), the error stripe mark is disabled. So you can't set a error stripe mark for it.

So I am checking to see if anyone else has been able to solve this with a plugin or found another setting that does the same thing?
If not, I hope that any rider support employees are watching this thread in hopes that they can bring this feature request up to the dev team.

Have a great day!

Picture of settings panel:

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We have related request on YouTrack: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-215485/Show-caret-position-on-the-Marker-bar

Please vote for it and follow for updates.

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Will do!


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