automatically rename files of partial class when class name changes

hi! i often use consistent prefix in a C# class file name when splitting the class into multiple partials each in a separate file.

the prefix is the class name itself:

- `SomePartialClass.Core.cs`

- `SomePartialClass.Editor.cs`

- `SomePartialClass.Update.cs`

- `SomePartialClass.Experimental.cs`

this is the default naming pattern that Rider suggests when using its "extract members to partial" action.

most often it's just 2 class parts for me, but in some significant number of cases it's more than 2 and sometimes even more than 20.

how can i get these files automatically renamed when i decide to rename the file do it with any native rider features or plugins?

much like when i rename a class and the name of file is the same, rider can rename file automatically

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