Hot reload not wokring

Rider Version: 2022.1.1

.Net SDK 6.0.300, Blazor project.

Any ideea why hot reload is not working in rider? I got my options at Hot Reload all checked out. 

The dotnet watch command, stoped to work as well and it gives:

dotnet watch ⌚ File changed: .\Project\File.razor
dotnet watch ⌚ No deltas modified. Applying changes to clear diagnostics.
dotnet watch ⌚ No hot reload changes to apply.
dotnet watch 🔥 Hot reload change handled in 1211.9804ms.

*Even before when dotnet watch worked, Rider was still not appling changes or give a tooltip about it.

The only way to use hot reload is by debuging in Visual Studio (17.2.0)




Using dotnet sdk version 6.0.202 in global.json, fixes the problem with dotnet watch but from Rider still no hot reload. 


Hi Andysf

Hot Reload on Blazor .Net 6 has not been supported yet, unfortunately. Feel free to follow the issue to be notified about the progress. 



OK, Thank you!


Alexandra Guk If Hot Reload does not support Blazor Server, then that should be specified in the documentation. The bullet in Edit running code with Hot Reload | JetBrains Rider very explicitly specifies Blazor WASM, thus implying Blazor Server being supported.


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