Rider - Smart checkout deletes all changes since last commit and freezes


I have been working all day on a PR and instead of doing the smart thing, which is commit and push, I merged master into my branch. Rider asked me if I wanted to do a smart checkout, and I did. 

Rider froze, steadily increasing memory usage. But it never completed. I terminated the process after 10 minutes.

A day's worth of changes is lost. 4 of the files I lost are there but empty.

Is there somewhere I can find these files? They should be shelved before they are deleted, right? 

And if the process failed during unshelving, they should still be there?


They were really good changes, and I really don't want to redo todays work tomorrow.


Thankful for any help.


Smart checkout (smart merge in your case, I believe) first shelves the changes then does a checkout or merge, and unshelves the changes.

Since IDE hanged, it seems the unshelving did not happen. Changes should be listed in the Shelve tab. Try enabling the Show Already Unshelved option form the toolbar.

Alternatively, you can get the patch files from the .idea/shelf folder in the project


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