Debugging multiple projects and easily identifying which are in "debug" (ie halted by brake, exception etc)


First of, let me say thanks for a great product!

My problem is quite simple. I am frequently debugging large solutions (8+ projects) and when one of them are in break mode, I have to cycle through each tab in the debugger view to find the one that is halted. I wish there was a clear indicator that shows, on the tab or in a more global location (maybe with a clickable link/button to take me to the halted debugger), that this project is halted. Active debugged tabs have a little green dot indicating it is running (I guess). Could this be changed somehow to also indicate a brake state? It is especially irritating when there are so many tabs that they get grouped on the right side of the debug view.

Hope you all understand what I mean here, I am not always good at describing my problems :)

Thanks again for your time,


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Hi Tuvasoft

Could you please add some screenshots of your workflow? This helps me to better understand your request. Thanks! 


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