How to reset folding settings


I have configured code folding to the following setup. It works when the first time I open a file (as you can see the code fold by region),If i click expand the region, next time when i open the same file again, the code wont be fold. I wonder why this setting does not automatedly reapply after i close the file ? or i have to manually reset it ?




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Hi Jason Wu

I've checked with our team and have an answer from the developer: Yes, this setting only affects files you open for the first time. This is the way this feature is supposed to work. When you reopen a file, the caret position is maintained, so if the IDE re-folded a region with a caret in it, it would have to move a caret outside the said region without any user input, which would be even more confusing than it is right now. 

If you think there should be another behavior, you can comment on this issue.  Thanks! 


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