How to point my C++ to new Unreal Engine install location?

Hi, I am using JetBrains Rider with Unreal Engine 5. I am cleaning out an old hard drive and I will move everything from D:\ (old) to F:\.

Only now, my Unreal Engine C++ project doesn't compile anymore. It obviously still expects an Unreal Engine installation in the old location on disk D:\.

How can I tell the project that the location of UE changed?
Someone did this before? Is there maybe a search and replace command? Or a step-by-step guide where I have to update path information?

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Usually if you just right click on the .uproject file and click Generate Visual Studio project files (or whatever IDE you're using), a dialog will pop up asking you which version of the engine to associate the project with.  If that doesn't work, you can try the following:

In your .uproject file, there should be a key named "EngineAssociation".  Check that the GUID value matches the key name under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Epic Games\Unreal Engine\Builds.  If it does, you should be able to update the value of the reg key to the new path. Once you've made the change, try re-opening the .uproject file.

Another method is to add your project path's parent directory in %localappdata%\EpicGamesLauncher\Saved\Config\Windows\GameUserSettings.ini under the [Launcher] section e.g.: CreatedProjectPaths=F:\Projects. 

After you've added it, run the launcher as usual and your project should show up under your library.


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