Mac M1 running rider eap5 2022.2, would like to use Gateway instead on headless windows PC for .NET maui dev.



I have a Mac M1 MB pro that I have been trying the eap 5 release in order to do .NET MAUI development but there's too many bugs yet.  But it works good on windows.  I have a very performant pc I built with windows on it for legacy projects I was supporting, when I bought my mac.  I still wanted a way to do native windows development when needed.  I'm not supporting those projects anymore and now have a very nice PC that I would like to pass some of the compute off to instead of having it all on my MB.  Especially with docker and now emulators it's eating through the ram like crazy.  When i have a pc with 32gigs and a 8 core processor just sitting there.  I've put some things like postgres on it instead of on the MB, but I'd really like to get the .net projects building/residing on the PC.  That way it's more native, and I'm just using the MB for lightwieght display, etc with gateway.  And then front end js frameworks and GO.

I've tried installing the windows version of rider on the PC and SSHing in, but nothing happens except I get an occasional error that it can't recognize the architecture.  I have docker on both and WSL 2 running on the PC.  Is the mac version just not compatible with the windows version?  I actually had this setup with VS Code awhile back but don't like doing .NET in it.  I even installed tailscale on the WSL 2 deamon and SSH'd into that directly but couldn't get it to work correctly.  That was a huge work around taking out systemmd, etc.  

There has to be a way to do this.  I can always do RDP but the PC has a really old graphics card just so I could RDP in when needed to fix, update, etc.  Was meant to be remoted by SSH, etc.  I know Space is supposed to be coming to local networks, how far off is that?  I tried projector, gateway, ssh.  With all these ways of doing remote development I'm just missing something obvious here?  I appreciate the help in advance!

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To use JetBrains Gateway, your remote server should be on Linux. MacOS and Windows are coming later. 

 I know Space is supposed to be coming to local networks, how far off is that?

If I got your question right, you are asking about Space on-premises, aren't you? It is on its way. Please follow the page for updates.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.





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