Execute Command on Project Open?

In Visual Studio I use the Command Task Runner extension to launch custom commands such as launching the Azure Static Web App CLI when a solution is opened.

How can I do something similar with Rider?

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Hello Scott,

Rider has a variety of Run Configurations. You may choose any according to your needs and script you want to run.  It is possible to create one, that is required in Run > Edit Configuration. Additionally, you are able to set up Run/Debug configuration based on the existing template if you need. More details on Run/Debug configurations in our documentation below:
Run/Debug Configuration
Run/Debug Configurations dialog
For instance, you may want to try configuring your command sequence using this configuration template:
Run/Debug Configuration: Shell Script

If that does not suit you, I will be glad to help you with exact configuration required. Please share the scenario (what script does) and extension of the script.

Additionally, you can check Azure Toolkit application. It may cover your needs with the Azure set up.

I am looking forward hearing from you soon

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Yes, that is what I am looking for.  Thank you!


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