UE Plugin development intelligence not working.

UE Plugin development intelligence not working, which leads to there are no inspections, code complements and etc.

Is this situation expected?

UE source intelligence worked:

Plugin intelligence not working:


Could it be you need the Index Plugin option on, under Languages & Framework/C++/Unreal Engine?


I have the same issue but I do not have such option in the settings as Ruggero Riccobene mentioned. 


Hello Cesare,

Thank you for contacting Rider support. 

Would you mind trying the following steps and letting me know if it helps?

  • Ensure the option "File | Settings | Languages & Frameworks | C++ | Unreal Engine | Index plugins" is enabled;
  • Restart Rider;

Hello Robert,

Would you mind ensuring (Help | About) that the Rider version is greater or equal to Rider 2022.1?
Have a nice day!


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